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As 20th Century was known for Industrialization Era, this 21st Century is going to be known for Information Technology. Human Kind has reached its peak in connecting world through IT, simplifying our lives through IoT solutions and doing a lot other wonders through Artificial Intelligence and much more. Hence, this Industry is going to be most in demand, its professionals would be the highest paid.

Being a new industry compared to others, there is still enough space for new companies to penetrate in the market.

If we focus specifically to software house, it is easy to start as it does not require a hefty amount of investment. At first, you must understand this is only field where you can start with a laptop, a little money to bear your own expenses for some time and lots of hard work which is required to start any business. It is not necessary that you are a software or computer engineer yourself to start off. If you have zero knowledge about coding or developing software but have an intention & passion to start your own business, you can definitely start a software company having good knowledge and determination. Being a software developer yourself, it definitely gives you an edge to initiate.

Market Research

First of all, do a little research about software industry in Pakistan. What sort of software companies are there? Which software are most in demand? Which type of software is easily sold in local market/Global market? There are basically two types of Software Houses.

Project Based

When we say project based, it refers to customers sharing their business operations, their different way of working, their departments, in short, complete flow of their business with you. And you offer them a customize software solution, developing it from scratch, exactly fitting to their requirements. This type of software development takes time and it’s a long term job that’s why known as Project based.

The positive side is companies pay handsome amount for custom made software. But the other alarming aspect is that once it is completed, you have to find another company, another project. Normally such custom software are developed in 6 months to 1 year.

Product Based

Other type of software companies are product based. Let’s say you are a software developer, you develop a software for bakery and you sell it to number of bakeries in Karachi, Pakistan or globally. You are actually selling a product that is a ready-made software solution. The positive side of running a product based software is that when a large number of companies are using your software, you get a handsome revenue in form of support or license charges without any much effort. Only worry in this approach is being the best product (software) in the specific industry and also getting more & more clients gradually which isn’t that difficult once a mature software is developed.

Sales & Marketing

Well to start off, either product or project based software house, you have to get clients. You have to do marketing, approach customers, tell them about your services, product and use multiple channels for it like Calling, Outdoor visits or personal network. Freelance websites are also a good way to get work. This way you can also get better payments due to currency exchange, low cost of labor in Pakistan and high demand of software services in USA, Canada, Europe and other Middle East countries.

Office Space

Although you don’t need an office right at the beginning, you can also start from your own room. You can search projects or share your product / portfolio online from your laptop. You don’t have to sit in an office space necessarily. But anyhow, assuming you got a big project and have to hire a team. Then you must a proper office. Incubation Centers are best option available today fulfilling all your needs to start a software development company. Their rents are way cheaper than any commercial building in a good area in Karachi or any other major city of Pakistan. Moreover, internet facility, electricity and other utilities are available there.

Other option is shared office space. There are lots of shared offices available in Karachi charging per seat or per room. Meeting area, reception and other such amenities are also provided.

Quality & Support

After getting customers, having an office, team, the next important thing is to provide a good quality of software and support & maintenance for your software users. This is the key for your height of success in the beginning. If you provide good support and quality of software to companies, they will be referring you to others and therefore, you will have a good name in the industry.


You must get good knowledge about software development and market requirements. Consult with other software house owners or developers to have information about industry trends. Search your target market, approach them and pitch your software product / software development service in the best way possible. Satisfy your clients to the fullest and the game is on!

A mobile application cost varies from US$1000 to US$100,000,000. It depends upon the scope of features provide in the mobile app. Also the application platform plays a key role in calculating cost for the development. Last but not the least, cost will be calculated upon the level of experienced developers required for the development.

Type of Application

There are hundreds of types of mobile applications such as Live Tracking mobile app, Ecommerce app, Game app, Enterprise Management mobile app, Date entry app, Photographic mobile app etc. When calculating the cost of mobile app, it is basic requirement for any company to analyze what sort of mobile app it is, how much resources does it require, what level of expertise and how much screens will be developed?

Normally a mobile application of ecommerce type or data entry type is merely cheaper than the live tracking mobile app or enterprise level app. Any freelancer or junior developer can provide a basic ecommerce application. But when it comes to developing a complex application having live tracking feature or other management reporting features, it requires a team of developers and experienced too. So its cost is a little higher.


When we say platforms, it means android, iOS, windows etc. Usually apps are developed on android and iOS platforms. Windows versions are developed quite rarely. Android mobile app cost is slightly cheaper than iOS mobile app. Though, in 2019, you can find react native developers quite easily, they have to write less code, works on both the platforms iOS and android. It is relatively high in demand and price also. But paying a little more money and getting the job done in less time is what makes it suitable for businesses.


The main component for calculating cost for mobile app development is the features and scope of options. Mobile applications having complex features will definitely cost a way more in comparison to a mobile app having basic options of login, view details of the data provided etc. For any sort of mobile app development, detailed documents are jot down to ensure the functionality of application with client. Only then the cost of development can be quoted.

Level of Expertise Required

As we have mentioned, there are different sort of mobile apps, which ultimately decides the requirement of resources/developers for its development. If any mobile app requires more than one senior app developer, then it would be considered more than basic. Gaming Apps or Enterprise level apps require high level of expertise, ultimately giving higher mobile app cost.

In short, it is really important to have the total understanding of mobile application features, size and other details to do proper costing. Without detailed scope of services, it is useless to quote or get an idea about mobile app cost.

Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing of 20th century. Presently, we don’t see ourselves acquired by AI technology, but soon it’s going to happen. It has its own set of benefits & risks. It will eradicate human error possibilities, which mostly happens in job having repetitive tasks, so a number of jobs will be replaced by machines having strong AI. On other hand, human kind will benefit from it in a variety of ways, making our lives smoother and easier.

Today we see a number of things around us working on AI rules, like Google Search Engines, Voice Recognitions in Siri and others, other algorithm based preferred results on web portals, self-driving cars etc. This is just the beginning of Artificial Intelligence Industry. Its will soon bridge the gap between machines & cognitive decision making.

As of today, chat bots is one common feature that is used with artificial intelligence support. These chat bots have the tendency to learn gradually through heap amount of data i.e customer inquiries, their behavior to answers, responses etc. Another recent example of AI is robots being used in restaurants to serve customers on table. Moreover, voice recognition is something that is almost 5 years old now. We all have smartphones which recognizes our voice and answer to our queries on the basis of our behavior and activities stored on phone.

Companies can foster outstanding outcomes, save time & costs, by using machine learning technology, data driven accurate results. Unlike what is normally perceived, artificial intelligence is highly in demand in corporate sectors. As more & more companies are investing in AI research & development, it is expected a huge growth in number of opportunities & jobs in AI services field. Today, various universities and online web portals have started courses on artificial intelligence, but still there is a lot of vacant space in AI industry developers.

Artificial Intelligence in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Artificial Intelligence is not so common as of now, but its gaining popularity day by day. New startups are rising from AI world, working to improve Artificial Intelligence Science and providing better products & results. Recently, Government of Pakistan has also started a program named as “Presidential Initiative for Artificial Intelligence and Computing” which is providing courses on AI, machine learning, cloud computing and block chain.

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence Services in PakistanMangoTech Solutions is one of the renowned name having expert knowledge and experienced workforce providing artificial intelligence services at its best. MangoTech Solutions is well equipped in machine learning, deep learning, predictive analytics and recommended algorithms.

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