How much does a mobile app cost in 2019?

A mobile application cost varies from US$1000 to US$100,000,000. It depends upon the scope of features provide in the mobile app. Also the application platform plays a key role in calculating cost for the development. Last but not the least, cost will be calculated upon the level of experienced developers required for the development.

Type of Application

There are hundreds of types of mobile applications such as Live Tracking mobile app, Ecommerce app, Game app, Enterprise Management mobile app, Date entry app, Photographic mobile app etc. When calculating the cost of mobile app, it is basic requirement for any company to analyze what sort of mobile app it is, how much resources does it require, what level of expertise and how much screens will be developed?

Normally a mobile application of ecommerce type or data entry type is merely cheaper than the live tracking mobile app or enterprise level app. Any freelancer or junior developer can provide a basic ecommerce application. But when it comes to developing a complex application having live tracking feature or other management reporting features, it requires a team of developers and experienced too. So its cost is a little higher.


When we say platforms, it means android, iOS, windows etc. Usually apps are developed on android and iOS platforms. Windows versions are developed quite rarely. Android mobile app cost is slightly cheaper than iOS mobile app. Though, in 2019, you can find react native developers quite easily, they have to write less code, works on both the platforms iOS and android. It is relatively high in demand and price also. But paying a little more money and getting the job done in less time is what makes it suitable for businesses.


The main component for calculating cost for mobile app development is the features and scope of options. Mobile applications having complex features will definitely cost a way more in comparison to a mobile app having basic options of login, view details of the data provided etc. For any sort of mobile app development, detailed documents are jot down to ensure the functionality of application with client. Only then the cost of development can be quoted.

Level of Expertise Required

As we have mentioned, there are different sort of mobile apps, which ultimately decides the requirement of resources/developers for its development. If any mobile app requires more than one senior app developer, then it would be considered more than basic. Gaming Apps or Enterprise level apps require high level of expertise, ultimately giving higher mobile app cost.

In short, it is really important to have the total understanding of mobile application features, size and other details to do proper costing. Without detailed scope of services, it is useless to quote or get an idea about mobile app cost.

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