Artificial Intelligence: What is it and why it matters?

Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing of 20th century. Presently, we don’t see ourselves acquired by AI technology, but soon it’s going to happen. It has its own set of benefits & risks. It will eradicate human error possibilities, which mostly happens in job having repetitive tasks, so a number of jobs will be replaced by machines having strong AI. On other hand, human kind will benefit from it in a variety of ways, making our lives smoother and easier.

Today we see a number of things around us working on AI rules, like Google Search Engines, Voice Recognitions in Siri and others, other algorithm based preferred results on web portals, self-driving cars etc. This is just the beginning of Artificial Intelligence Industry. Its will soon bridge the gap between machines & cognitive decision making.

As of today, chat bots is one common feature that is used with artificial intelligence support. These chat bots have the tendency to learn gradually through heap amount of data i.e customer inquiries, their behavior to answers, responses etc. Another recent example of AI is robots being used in restaurants to serve customers on table. Moreover, voice recognition is something that is almost 5 years old now. We all have smartphones which recognizes our voice and answer to our queries on the basis of our behavior and activities stored on phone.

Companies can foster outstanding outcomes, save time & costs, by using machine learning technology, data driven accurate results. Unlike what is normally perceived, artificial intelligence is highly in demand in corporate sectors. As more & more companies are investing in AI research & development, it is expected a huge growth in number of opportunities & jobs in AI services field. Today, various universities and online web portals have started courses on artificial intelligence, but still there is a lot of vacant space in AI industry developers.

Artificial Intelligence in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Artificial Intelligence is not so common as of now, but its gaining popularity day by day. New startups are rising from AI world, working to improve Artificial Intelligence Science and providing better products & results. Recently, Government of Pakistan has also started a program named as “Presidential Initiative for Artificial Intelligence and Computing” which is providing courses on AI, machine learning, cloud computing and block chain.

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