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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality grabs our present reality and attaches overlays of different sorts of data on it. As such, it just enlarges our current reality. AR, for the most part, happens on your cell phone, Head Mounted Displays (HMD) or tablets.

It has changed the manner in which individuals connect with the advanced world. This mix of the digitalized and real world has brought about an upgraded perspective of the real world, where individuals get the opportunity to encounter and learn great things. Augmented reality has likewise made it feasible for clients to share this experience by means of the net with others.

Businesses Benefited by virtual, augmented and combined reality Technologies. (pic to be attached for demonstration)

Make greater commitment and enthusiasm for your print article with less administrative work with the help of augmented printing. Drive interest to your substance and make the group of onlookers to tail you for most recent and important material to their everyday journal by augmented printing. And keep your crowd further developed in this computerized period with MangoTech’s augmented printing arrangements.
From Augmented Reality advertorials to Editorials in the magazines and paper, it joins a scope of interactive highlights and rich 3D substance to associate with your crowd in new ways by utilizing AR.

Utilizing AR with Books such as Graphical Novels and textbooks can change the studying knowledge of the reader. The writer can connect with their readers in a very exceptional and intelligent way.

Augmented Reality pamphlets truly intensify the purchasing procedure. Your targeted audience frequently not purchase things since ‘they can’t imagine’ the final product. Augmented Reality takes care of that issue very adequately.

MangoTech Solutions offers multivariate advantages to the vehicle area with the utilization of vanguard techniques, innovations, and procedures. With the utilization of an Augmented Reality application, the clients can make an advanced showroom exhibiting a wide scope of models, chopping down the expense of the physical space. Even more than that, with AR application, the print advertisement is given a new life,


Allowing a 360 Degree visual and virtual walk characteristics to the purchasers, which makes the decision-making process less difficult. And there’s more to that, with MangoTech Solutions having an option to AR, enables the clients to extend virtual substance on genuine vehicles, taking out the need to manufacture a prototype every single time. Get that additional edge to your developing red tapes.


AR in the car industry is changing it quickly by offering imaginative courses for the vehicle devotees such as Augmented Reality show on the head screen of the vehicle showing essential data in regards to upcoming conditions including driving condition, weather forecast, driving controls, map navigation and so forth to increase the value of driving abilities.

MangoTech began its adventure caring for a mission which was to bring a revolution in every industry and business by offering the greatest and latest high tech solutions. AR for the production industry is progressive and revolutionary also, and MangoTech is en route to give the most recent high-tech solution all around the world.


Augmented reality tech is adopted by many of the enormous names in the car industry just to update their assembling procedure and also to upgrade their user experience (UX) towards better items. AR enables a developer to clothe augmented reality hardware, where he could view a virtual presentation on the real conditions which are empowered with directions to follow while fabricating an item with more proficiency (with approximately 30% less time utilization and 99% accuracy).

Along these lines, a producer can effectively progress in the direction of improvement of the procedure with more exactness and less time allotment which empowers them towards ideal usage of their assets. Training modules can likewise be changed by augmented reality where an instructional course can be directed on centralized board, where the trainees from any area, can have the involvement with newest updates in training procedure with less time inclusion and physical instruments.

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